Maison Boreux is a house of excellence. We run our own artisanal workshop in a newly renovated space, where our hands are busy perpetuating exceptional craft. Traditional tools and machines over fifty years old, which have proven their robustness and reliability, meet modern technologies to answer your demands.

Our practice is defined by a passion for aesthetics, technical research, and rigorous work standards. We focus on maintaining the excellence of the printing craft and we engage in offering a broad expertise at every step, from the conception to the production of your works. In a field where attention to detail is key, we pay high regard to each and every project, guaranteeing a personalised service, from the simplest to the most elaborate projects.

Through the years our network has built itself around prestigious customers, from liberal professions and ministerial cabinets to numerous embassies and some diplomatic missions. Confidentiality and protocol are our most essential requirements and our relationships are based on trust. Our realisations take form on this ground.

We have received the label of Certified Craft from the Belgian government and, for our great honour, we have been distinguished as a warrant holder of the Belgian court.

Printing is an art and we are proud to answer your demands with elegance and professionalism.